Stick to Your Ribs


Here is the pattern on Ravelry where you can download the pdf and other projects. 

Stick to Your Ribs 

YaYaLovesToKnit, June 10, 2017 

A good project to use a single ball of worsted weight yarn. This quick-to-knit hat is suitable for a male or female wearer. The simple 2x2 ribbing expands into 3x1 ribbing to create a stretchy, comfortable hat. Knit more than one for gift or charity giving. Be sure to knit at least one for yourself. 

Size: Adult medium 

The sample hat measures 9” from top to bottom, and 14” around the ribbed band. Measurements were taken without any blocking or stretching. The hat fits comfortably on the average adult size head (22 to 24” around). 

Yarn: Worsted or light worsted weight yarn 

The sample hat was knit using 49 grams/108 yards of Trendsetter Yarns Ascot, 100% superwash wool, 50 grams/110 yards per ball. NOTE: Just for fun, the yarn used was over-dyed with grape and fruit punch Kool-Aid, giving the original berry patch colorway more color saturation. 

Needles: US 06 and US 07 circular needles (16” or 20”), plus US 07 double pointed needles 

Other tools: stitch marker, tapestry/darning needle 

Gauge: 24 sts x 26 rnds = 4” (measured over the 3x1 ribbing knit with US 07) 

Abbreviations used: 

k= knit 

k2tog = knit two stitches together 

p = purl 

rnd(s) – round(s) 

st(s) = stitch(es) 


Begin pattern: 

Using the US 06 circular needle, cast on 84 sts. Taking care to not twist the stitches, join to begin knitting in the round. Place marker to indicate the beginning of round. 

Bottom Band 

[K2, p2] around. 

Repeat until ribbed band measures 1.5” from cast-on edge. 

Body of Hat 

Change to US 07 to knit the body of the hat. 

[K3, p1] around. 

Repeat until 5” from the cast-on edge. 

Want a slouchier look, continue knitting the 3x1 ribbing for another 1.5 - 2”. 

Knit stockinette (knit every round) for 1”. 

Crown of Hat (decreases) 

When the decreases cause the circumference of the hat to become too tight to work comfortably on the circular needle, change to double pointed needles. 

1. [K10, k2tog] around – 77 sts remain 

2. Knit 

3. [K9, k2tog] around – 70 sts remain 

4. Knit 

5. [K8, k2tog] around – 63 sts remain 

6. Knit 

7. [K7, k2tog] around – 56 sts remain 

8. Knit 

9. [K6, k2tog] around – 49 sts remain 

10. Knit 

11. [K5, k2tog] around – 42 sts remain 

12. Knit 

13. [K4, k2tog] around – 35 sts remain 

14. Knit 

15. [K3, k2tog] around – 28 sts remain 

16. Knit 

17. [K2, k2tog] around – 21 sts remain 

18. Knit 

19. [K1, k2tog] around – 14 sts remain 

20. [K2tog] around – 7 sts remain 

Finishing: Cut the yarn leaving at least a 12” yarn end. Using the darning needle, thread the yarn through the remaining 7 stitches at least twice; cinch snugly and anchor the yarn. 

Weave in the yarn ends. Steam or block the hat if desired. 

Pattern is for personal use not for publication or profit.